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Most of the people mentioned on this page are referenced only by nickname, many of whom have pictures in the "Friends of the Harbor" pages. Although members of Harbor reside in countries all over the world, this web site was made by a handful of people from the United States.

This web site originated in the fall of 1997 and was put online 28 November 1997. The code, written in html, javascript and php was initiallly developed by Kahn who was 16 years old at the time. He is the son of Skkye who also worked laboriously on the project.

The soul who most cherished and preserved the site passed away 06 November 2008. His name was Tony Stromecki and his nickname was TTT. He was known for his superb chat/listening abilities, high morals and just as a great guy. He is deeply missed. Tippytoes was a close friend of Tony's and has always been instrumental in keeping the site going. She is regarded as one of the founders. Tony's son Mike has also contributed greatly to the cause, mostly in the last three years. Other people who need to be mentioned as co-founders are johnq, whimzy, strato and roni.

The site was contrived out of an unselfish, charitable desire to help people with bipolar related issues. Thanks to a few who have monetarily supported its existence, we have what it is today.

Maintenance and changes to this web site have been done mostly by members of harbor. There are too many to mention and some would undoubtedly be left out. Therefore most are not mentioned here.

At this juncture, Harbor is supported and maintained by only a few individuals and it is still going strong. The fundamentals laid down by TTT, Skkye, Tippytoes, Whimzy and the others remain as they have always been. The essence of those fundamentals can be gleaned by reading the "Philosophy" or "Chat Guidelines" pages.

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