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Chat Guidelines

Read the guidelines below before entering the chat.

Pick a nickname that suits you and try and use it all the time. Changing nicknames can be confusing to the host and you will find that they will repeatedly ask the same questions of you each time.  We do sometimes play around and change nicks but you will find that we always join with the same nicks and always change them back to what we use normally.

Please remember that all the people that visit and host the chat have the same disorders you do and are subject to the same reactions of those disorders.

If you find that the site is to busy and you are having trouble following the conversation or you just want to talk to someone in private, please message one of the hosts/operators and they will be more than willing, in most cases, to chat with you privately in another room on the Harbor. They are the ones with the @ next to their nicks.

In a perfect world we would be able to help with the all of the troublesome times of your disorder, if there is something going on with you that just talking will not help, the only advice that can be given we will of course be to advise you to contact your therapist or psychiatrist.

We do not like to find it necessary to kick or ban people from the site but if your influences become disruptive to those present in the room we will resort to this option. This includes abusive behavior or language, vile and offensive, or swearing of any kind to anyone in the channels including OPS or attempting sexual discussion with another member. Most bans are temporary to give you time to think or calm down. Only in extreme cases will you be permanently banned from the Harbor. If you refuse to seek medical treatment for your disorder then it will become necessary to ask you to leave.

Please, Remember that no one here is a professional care giver in the psychiatric field. We can not give you a diagnosis, advise you to take or not take your medications contrary to what your doctors have prescribed. We can only share our personal experiences with the same medications and situations. We will often express the need for proper rest, medications, and exercise programs to aid in the continued well being of ourselves and possibly you.

The Harbor of Refuge is a bipolar disorder support site. While being tolerant of all religious beliefs, the Harbor of Refuge chat rooms shall not be used for any discussions of any singular religious belief. There are religious discussion chatrooms available on the internet, the Harbor is not one of them!

Reasons for being kicked or banned from the server will include talking about self-mutilation (cutting), using illegal drugs, drinking alcohol with your medications, and suicidal behavior. We have found these topics to be disruptive to the whole and are not equipped to deal with these subjects and will not tolerate discussion of them under any circumstances. There are also other places on the Internet for you to discuss these aspects of your particular disorder.

In order to provide an adequate degree of security for all members of the chatroom private messaging between individuals on a channel is discouraged. If you are sending private messages and are reminded that it is discouraged it is expected that that you will stop immediately. Failure to do so will possibly result in your being kicked and banned from the chat room.

We at the Harbor of Refuge Organization would like to advise all our Channel Ops and visitors of the potential danger of giving out personal information such as home phone numbers and addresses to other visitors. Although the ultimate decision to distribute your personal information is yours to make, and we do our best to provide a secure environment for all users of and visitors to our site, it is impossible to provide this same degree of security outside our little realm. This practice also opens up liability issues that may lead to unsettling, disturbing or unsafe situations and is strongly discouraged.

Please use the utmost discretion and caution when considering giving out this information.

The Harbor of Refuge will not accept responsibility or be held libel for any conflicts arising from any individual or individuals engaged in such strongly discouraged activities

Thank you,

Harbormaster and Skkye

Any questions may be referred to any of the Host/Operators in the chat rooms.