ship wheel

Our Harbor Light ...whimzy

The wind it blew from the N'oreast
The gale it was a blowin'
Everyone looking for safety and shelter
Knew they had to keep goin'.

The ship was tossed in the fiery wind
The sails as full as ever.
All hands thought that they were lost
In the furious weather.

Until they saw that Harbor Light
And the ocean they had braved.
The Harbor Of Refuge was waiting for them
They knew they would be saved.

With thankful hearts they do return
To where they did survive.
To give thanks for that special place
That kept them all alive.

Harbor Of Refuge is a special home
That many hearts return
It gives them hope and safety
For the stable life they yearn.

Oh Harbor where would we be
If you were to no longer exist
Away, adrift and out to sea
And lost amid the mist.

Harbor how can we thank you
for everything you do?
With a thankful heart we will keep your light
For we owe our lives to you.